18 ideas that will shape 2012 Counting down TEDTalks on Huffington Post

Today, TED and The Huffington Post are launching a year-end collaboration around 18 groundbreaking ideas that premiered on TED.com in 2011 and may very well reshape the world in 2012. For 18 days, The Huffington Post will count down these big ideas from TED in a list curated by Chris Anderson, with essays from each speaker exploring the idea they came to TED (or a TEDx) to share with the world. Bloggers from The Huffington Post are invited to write about the idea’s world-changing potential as we look toward the New Year.

Head to The Huffington Post’s TED in 2011 page to:

+ Watch each TEDTalk in high-res video
+ Explore the ideas behind the talk through an essay from the speaker and posts from HuffPost bloggers.
+ Join in conversation about the idea’s relevance as we look ahead to 2012.

And follow the countdown on Twitter using the #18ideas hashtag.

Throughout the month, you can follow the countdown from featured blogs on the home page of Huffington Post or by clicking TED in the main navigation.

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