5 eetiquette tips to practice on a date or at TEDGlobal 2011

e-etiquette booth at TEDGlobal 2011
The eETIQUETTE space at TEDGlobal 2011. Photo: Robert Leslie / TED

Can you put your phone down for 1 hour? Not many people can without an increase in stress levels. Designer Julia Leihener of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories’ Creation Center took the time to bring e-etiquette to techies and power users at TEDGlobal 2011. TED Blog’s Corvida Raven sat down with Julia to get her top 5 e-etiquette recommendations to keep you from looking like a douche.

  1. Only R2D2 is allowed to end a relationship digitally.
  2. A quick phone call can circumvent the need for a frustrating and interminable e-mail exchange.
  3. Only upload images of which your mother would approve.
  4. Even Romeo & Juliet set their phones to ‘airplane mode’ on their first date
  5. The first hour of ‘free’ coffee shop Wi-Fi costs one cappuccino and one muffin. The second hour is only a chocolate-chip cookie.

If you know someone who is in desperate need of more e-etiquette tips, don’t hesitate to send them to www.eetiquette.com for help.

Source: blog.ted.com