All about TEDs 12 limitededition tote bags


TED’s legendary Gift Bag evolved this year — it’s still a gorgeous Rickshaw Bagworks messenger bag filled with goodies, but this year, by popular demand, attendees could choose their own custom set of TED Gifts to go inside it and have the bag mailed home. Which is lovely, but does set up an issue: at TED, it’s just nice to have a bag to tote things in.

So we commissioned a dozen gorgeous tote bag designs from designers in the TED community — TED2010 speaker Marian Bantjes, TEDIndia program guide designer Albertson Design, our title designer Jakob Trollback, Justin Klein from, Dave Warnke and more. Each artist was inspired by one of the 12 session names from TED (above are Albertson’s take on Provocation and Discovery, with Jennifer Bostic’s TED2010 graphic in between). Production of the bags was supported by Target.

On the back is the cover of the TED2010 program guide — a grid of icons that show a few things that, just maybe, The World Needs Now …

Below, all 12 designs. Above, photo TED / Marla Aufmuth