Announcing Mission Blue A TED Prize wish


From the TED Prize session: Mission Blue is the name for an ambitious, overarching project to create marine protected areas.

It’s powered by Sylvia Earle’s 2009 TEDPrize wish: “I wish you would use all means at your disposal — films! expeditions! the web! more! — to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas, hope spots large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.”

There’s room in this wish for so much activity — from building websites to fighting poachers on the high seas, like Peter Knights, above, does with the rescue group WildAid. Coordinated by Razorfish, Mission Blue will collect the efforts of all kinds of people around the dream of preserving ocean life.

One piece of Mission Blue is a sea voyage to the Galapagos Islands, April 6-10, 2010, gathering some of the world’s most renowned ocean experts — marine scientists, deep sea explorers, technology innovators, policy makers, business leaders, environmentalists, activists and artists — for an epic adventure into the blue. Just as important, through the Mission Blue Voyage, we will seed a million-dollar fund to create more marine protected areas. Please email for more details.

Photo: TED / James Duncan Davidson