Apple launches new webpage with an elevator pitch on why you should buy a Mac

Apple has launched a new microsite today called “Why Mac” to make its case on why it’s the computer to pick. The new marketing features updated imagery of the current Mac lineup, a short pitch on why it thinks Mac is the best choice, and five aspects that set Mac apart from the competition.

Apple’s new “Why Mac” microsite showed up today alongside the all-new iMac arriving to customers today. Here’s the company’s 30-second elevator pitch for why people, institutions, and businesses should pick Mac:

Easy to learn. Astoundingly powerful. And designed to let you work, play, and create in ways you never imagined. It’s the computer that comes packed with apps that are ready to go right out of the box. Free, regular software updates keep things up to date and running smoothly. And if you already have an iPhone, it feels familiar from the moment you turn it on.

Going further, Apple includes five reasons why Mac is the best choice:

  • Ready, set up, go
  • Mac does more. So you can, too.
  • Always intuitive, Never intimidating.
  • Works perfectly with all your Apple devices.
  • Keep what’s private, pri••••

At the bottom of the new page, Apple highlights more compelling features like Apple and Education, Mac for Business, Accessibility, Parental Controls, Family Sharing, and the Environment before the final section “Which Mac is right for you?”

Check out the new page here.

Thanks, AppleUser2000!