Apple releases macOS 11.4 with expanded GPU support, zeroday security fix, more

Apple has officially made macOS 11.4 available to the public. The latest software enables support for several AMD GPUs as well as support for paid subscriptions in the Podcasts app, some serious security fixes, as well as smaller bug fixes for Safari, Preview, and more.

macOS 11.4 is available now for all users and should be showing up in System Preferences > Software Update soon if it’s not already. Apple’s also made the latest software available for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

macOS 11.4 is a more minor update after 11.3 added a range of new features. However, the latest release does bring a handful of changes and patches for some serious security fixes:

You can read all the security update details for macOS 11.4 here.

One of the main new features in macOS 11.4 is expanded GPU support for “cards based on the AMD Navi RDNA2 architecture (6800, 6800XT, and 6900XT).”

In the release candidate, we learned macOS 11.4 also includes support for paid subscriptions in Apple Podcasts along with a number of bug fixes:

  • Apple Podcasts subscriptions are available for purchase via monthly and annual subscriptions
  • Channels group together collections of shows from podcast creators

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Bookmarks in Safari may get reordered or moved into a folder that can appear hidden
  • Certain websites may not display correctly after your Mac wakes from sleep
  • Keywords may not be included when exporting a photo from the Photos app
  • Preview may become unresponsive when searching PDF documents
  • 16-inch MacBook may become unresponsive when playing Civilization VI

Notably, ahead of today’s 11.4 public release, Apple started testing with the first macOS 11.5 beta last week.