Apple releases tvOS 14.6 and HomePod 14.6 for all users

Apple is releasing today tvOS 14.6 and HomePod 14.6 for all users. After a few weeks in beta, the software is now available through the set-top-box and the Home app.

Different from tvOS 14.5 which brought Adjust Color Balance feature to all available Apple TVs and support for the latest PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers, which can be used to play games, tvOS 14.6 and HomePod 14.6 don’t bring anything more than bug fixes.

With this update, technically, the Apple TV HD and the two Apple TV 4K models are ready to support Apple Music with Lossless quality. The company will release June this update to Apple Music, and it says the Apple TV must be running tvOS 14.6.

Recently, Apple also revealed that HomePod and HomePod mini will support Lossless quality in a future software update, but it’s unclear when or what version the smart speaker must be running to stream in this higher quality.

HomePod 14.6 is the second update Apple smart speaker received after being discontinued more than two months ago.

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