Apple releases updated HomePod Software 15 beta after reports of bricked and overheating speakers

Apple today released the third beta version of HomePod Software 15 to invited users as part of the AppleSeed program. While the release notes don’t give details of what has changed in today’s build, the update follows reports about the HomePod Software 14.6 and 15.0 beta bricking users’ speakers.

Multiple users have reported that their HomePods stopped working after the HomePod Software 14.6 update, which was introduced in May along with iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6. At the same time, users running the HomePod Software 15 beta noticed that their HomePods were overheating for no reason.

While 9to5Mac reported last week that some smart speakers were overheating with HomePod 15 beta, original HomePod owners are also now saying that the stable 14.6 version is bricking their products. Another user, who has over 19 HomePods, had seven (four on beta and three on version 14.6) of them suddenly turn into paperweights.

While we don’t know what exactly changes with HomePod Software 15 beta 3, it’s possible that Apple has fixed some bugs related to these latest reports.

It’s worth noting that the HomePod Software beta is only available through the AppleSeed program, which is exclusive to users invited by Apple. There is no official way to install beta software on HomePod through the Apple Beta Software Program or Apple Developer.

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