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TED’s curator Chris Anderson was born in a remote village in Pakistan, and spent his early years in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He graduated from Oxford University with a degree in philosophy, and then trained as a journalist. He built Imagine Media, publisher of Business 2.0 magazine, and creator of the popular games website IGN.

These successes allowed Anderson to create a private nonprofit foundation, the Sapling Foundation, to find new ways of tackling global issues by leveraging media, technology, entrepreneurship, and most of all, ideas. Sapling acquired the TED Conference in 2001, and Anderson then left his businesses to focus on growing TED.

Since then, TED has expanded with initiatives such as TEDx, the Open Translation Project, the TED Prize and TEDTalks (which have been watched 200 million times since they were launched in 2006).

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Watch his 2002 TEDTalk:

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