Beginnings Images and quotes from Session 1 of TEDGlobal 2011


Chris Anderson, left (with Bruno Giussani, right): “It’s a beautiful truth that all knowledge is connected. And now: It’s time for TED!” Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Biologist Lee Cronin at #TEDGlobal asks: What is life? What is the most basic unit of matter that can evolve? Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Annie Murphy Paul springs a pop quiz: When does learning begin? Answer: Before we are born. For instance, as they consume amniotic fluid, fetuses are introduced to characteristic flavors + spices of their culture from their mother’s food. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Rebecca MacKinnon says: We do not have good answers for balancing security and free speech on our digital networks. How do we make sure that the internet evolves in a citizen-centric manner? Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


The glorious Danielle de Niese is singing — Chris calls her “the voice that launched a thousand ideas!” Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Richard Wilkinson notes that the intuition that inequality is bad has been around since before the French Revolution. But the data shows this is actually true. For instance, data shows that people in unequal societies tend to trust each other less. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED


Phillip Blond says: “Our politics in the 20th century has been governed by left-right thinking. But left and right are the same phenomenon. The left has not saved us from poverty; the right has not delivered us into prosperity.” And what we have lost is the former driving force of our society: groups. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED