Ending hunger now Josette Sheeran on TED.com

Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN’s World Food Program, talks about why, in a world with enough food for everyone, people still go hungry, still die of starvation, still use food as a weapon of war. Her vision: “Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together.” … Read more

Live QA with Julia Bacha

In the photo above: Julia Bacha and Nadav Greenberg, Outreach and Programming Coordinator for Just Vision. In preparation for International Day of Peace tomorrow, September 21st, we invited TED speaker extraordinary filmmaker Julia Bacha to the TED office for a live Q&A. Julia gave a moving talk at TED Global on the need to focus media attention on non-violent … Read more

Fighting a contagious cancer Elizabeth Murchison on TED.com

What is killing the Tasmanian devil? A virulent cancer is infecting them by the thousands — and unlike most cancers, it’s contagious. Researcher Elizabeth Murchison tells us how she’s fighting to save the Taz, and what she’s learning about all cancers from this unusual strain. Contains disturbing images of facial cancer. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2011, … Read more

Honoring Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, died yesterday, September 25, at the age of 71. A former member of the Kenyan parliament, Maathai combined not only peaceful community-based activism and forest-conservation efforts, but also government transparency and women’s rights, all in one game-changing project called the Green Belt Movement, … Read more

TEDTalks Now on Dailymotion

We’re thrilled to announce that TEDTalks are now available on Dailymotion — one of Europe’s most popular video sites — with subtitles in English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese where available. Dailymotion’s TED channel features curated playlists of great talks on music, news & politics, medical wonders … and a special playlist … Read more

Balloons of Bhutan Bringing Gross National Happiness from the Himalayas

In his latest project, “Balloons of Bhutan,” artist, computer scientist and storyteller Jonathan Harris explores how the Kingdom of Bhutan measures quality of life — not through Gross National Product, but through Gross National Happiness. In 2007 Harris spent two weeks talking to 117 people — students, farmers, road workers, monks, even a firewood seller, … Read more

How to defend Earth from asteroids Phil Plait TED.com

What’s six miles wide and can end civilization in an instant? An asteroid – and there are lots of them out there. With humor and great visuals, Phil Plait enthralls the TEDxBoulder audience with all the ways asteroids can kill, and what we must do to avoid them. (Recorded at TEDxBoulder 2011, September 2011, in Boulder, … Read more

Dance vs. powerpoint, a modest proposal John Bohannon on TED.com

Use dancers instead of powerpoint. That’s science writer John Bohannon’s “modest proposal.” In this spellbinding choreographed talk from TEDxBrussels he makes his case by example, aided by dancers from Black Label Movement. (Recorded at TEDxBrussels 2011, November 2011, in Brussels, Belgium. Duration: 11:08.) [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlDWRZ7IYqw&feature=player_embedded%5D Watch John Bohannon’s talk on TED.com, where you can download it, rate it, … Read more

How to stop torture Karen Tse on TED.com

Political prisoners aren’t the only ones being tortured — the vast majority of judicial torture happens in ordinary cases, even in ‘functioning’ legal systems. Social activist Karen Tse shows how we can, and should, stand up and end the use of routine torture. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2011, July 2011, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Duration: 14:20.) [ted id=1288] … Read more