Reflections on the TEDGlobal experience from TEDx Organizers

Lara Stein acknowledges TEDx organizers during TEDGlobal 2011, July 11-15, 2011, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: James Duncan Davidson / TED All week during TEDGlobal, some TEDx Organizers — many attending a TED Conference for the first time — have been sharing their experiences, and reflecting on the TEDx Organizer community, on the TEDx blog: I … Read more

Dance your Ph.D., win a trip to TEDxBrussels

[vimeo w=601&h=398] Scientific Ph.D. dissertations are notoriously difficult to explain. That’s why, for the past three years Science Magazine has sponsored the Dance Your Ph.D. competition. Scientists, from graduate students to professors, are invited to film an interpretive dance illustrating their research. If that sounds crazy, well, that’s probably because it’s run by John Bohannon … Read more

TEDxEastSalon Irrationality as the real invisible hand

Want short TEDx events, once a month? Many TEDx organizers are doing exactly that, including TEDxEast, which has a series of TEDxEastSalon events, each guest curated by a different TED speaker. The first one, curated by Dan Ariely, occurred at the end of September. TEDster Laure Parsons was there, and sent us this report. The surprising sides … Read more

The beauty of small things Extraordinary satellite timelapse titles for TEDxDubai

[vimeo w=525&h=294]   This spectacular satellite timelapse sequence shows the growth of Dubai over the past 10 years (while introducing the speakers at last weekend’s TEDxDubai event). Producers METAphrenie took 3 months to produce the clip using imagery from Space Imaging Middle East and DigitalGlobe. As they note: The titles, together with the event, … Read more

Starting today More TEDx video on

Starting today, you’ll see a new talk every single day on the homepage of! Each Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be posting a great talk from one of the thousands of independent TEDx events around the world. We launch with a powerful story from reporter Paul Lewis: Crowdsourcing the news. He uncovered evidence of a … Read more

Celebrating the 10,000th TEDx talk video with the TEDxTalks Index

Amazing news from the TEDx Tumblr: The TEDx program is not yet three years old, but we are already celebrating a major milestone: the 10,000th TEDxTalk video posted to our channel. These talks come from more than 2,600 independently organized events held in 115 different countries and 39 different languages. They have been viewed over … Read more

Whats it like to give a TEDx talk? Speakers tell their stories

Barefoot Foodie onstage at TEDxBGSU. Photo: Enoch Wu If your New Year’s resolution is to give a TEDx talk yourself — or to silence your inner monologue that thinks “I can’t do public speaking” — read a few of these stories, written by people who got up on the TEDx stage this year. They’re brave, … Read more