Announcing TEDYouth, November 19 in New York City

In honor of Universal Children’s Day, we are excited to announce TEDYouth — November 19, 2011, at the Times Center in New York City. TEDYouth will coincide with more than 85 self-organized TEDxYouthDay events happening worldwide on November 19-21, 2011. The theme for our TEDYouth program is “Play, Learn, Build and Share.” Be inspired and … Read more

Join TED Conversations about youth

As we approach TEDxYouthDay alongside our very first TEDYouth event, we’re curious to hear what you have to say about all things youth-related. Each week until the last day of TEDxYouthDay, a youth-related question will be asked on TED Conversations. We invite you to sign up or log-in using your account and jump in the Conversation!

This week’s youth-related question is, “Do you have a story about when a young person first watched a TEDTalk or TEDxTalk? What happened?

I certainly remember what happened when I first watched a TEDTalk. A friend had sent me a link to Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on how schools kill creativity. I was simply amazed that this professor who works in a prestigious academic institution was giving a talk on things that I never imagined anyone in education would have the guts to say…publicly!

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4 playful TEDxYouthDay promo videos

“My generation has so much potential in changing this world. We have all the tools necessary.” — TEDxYouth@Conejo So, how do we get those tools to the youth at large? How do we help young people not only access those tools, but understand how to use them? From November 19-21, more than 90 events for … Read more

This weekend! Top 6 things to know about TEDxYouthDay

Crossposted from the TEDx Tumblr: An extraordinary online event for youth (and adults) — is happening around the world and on the web this weekend: TEDxYouthDay — a collection of nearly 100 different TEDx events for young people around the world — kicks off tomorrow, November 19, and runs through Monday, November 21. Live events … Read more

Today Watch TEDYouth live online!

Today, Nov. 19, 1-5pm Eastern: TEDYouth’s speaker lineup includes a MythBuster, an oceanographer turned viral video star, the “Science Babe,” and a roboticist who studies flying geckos — plus poets, musicmakers, geeks and writers — all giving short TED-style talks for young people.

And you can watch it live for free online — in English and Spanish!

The theme for TEDYouth is “Play, Learn, Build and Share.” Watch and be inspired and challenged by these passionate speakers, who’ll inspire creativity, share mind-shifting stories, and engage the in-person and virtual audience in ways that every student deserves.

Watch the TEDYouth livestream in English >>

Ver TEDYouth en español en linea >>

Speaker lineup:

Adam Savage is a maker of things, building everything from spaceships to buddhas, from puppets to rifles, from sculptures to toys. He’s best known for his role as co-host of the TV show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. (Watch his talk on

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TEDYouth Session 2 Out to the edge of knowledge

All photos: Ryan Lash After an amazing break (filled with beatboxing and Interesting Things) we reconvene for Session 2 of TEDYouth. “I’m not going to blow anything up,” says Adam Savage. 🙁 He’s best known for his role as co-host of the TV show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel. (Watch his talk on His … Read more

At TEDYouth Photo slideshow

Dive into this giant photoset from yesterday’s TEDYouth — from setup to sessions to the crazy action on the breaks. Most images come from TEDYouth photographer Ryan Lash; a few from TED’s photo editor, Mike Femia.