Celebrating the 10,000th TEDx talk video with the TEDxTalks Index

Amazing news from the TEDx Tumblr: The TEDx program is not yet three years old, but we are already celebrating a major milestone: the 10,000th TEDxTalk video posted to our channel. These talks come from more than 2,600 independently organized events held in 115 different countries and 39 different languages. They have been viewed over 18 million times, with many more events happening each day. We can’t capture the full range of these talks, but this “TEDxTalks index” highlights some interesting stats from this incredible archive:

Number of technology talks: 934 

Number of entertainment talks: 1,213

Number of design talks: 522

Number of business talks: 892

Number of science Talks: 697

Number of music performances: 744

Number of talks by magicians and hypnotists: 9

Number of loop artists: 12 

Number of didgeridoo performances: 3 

Number of loop artists using a didgeridoo: 1 

Number of talks on sex: 6

Number of “talks” by mimes: 2

Number of talks by Dan Ariely: 5

Number of talks by Dan Ariely while wearing a cape: 1

Source: blog.ted.com