Counting down to TED2012 A roundup of guides, schedules and links

Building the stage for TED2012 at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center on Wednesday night. Photo: Jason Wishnow

It’s almost time for TED2012: Full Spectrum! On Monday at 1:30pm California time, our first pre-session begins with the remarkable TED Fellows conference. While the two sessions of the TED Fellows conference won’t be livestreamed, look for full coverage here on the TED Blog and livetweeting at @TEDNews. And you can download the fascinating TED Fellows guide >>

On Tuesday morning at 8:30am West Coast time, attendees will get up to speak to one another at TEDYou and TED University, two pre-conference sessions that have produced some of your favorite TED Talks, like Ric Elias’ “Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed” and Jessi Arrington’s “Wearing Nothing New.” Read the speaker programs for TEDYou and TED University >>

And on Tuesday morning, 11am West Coast time — it’s time for TED. Read the speaker lineup … follow all the TED2012 speakers who tweet … and if you’re interested, become a member of TED Live to watch TED and TEDGlobal wherever you are.

PLUS: On Wednesday night, watch Session 7 of TED2012 for free! In Session 7, the TED Prize wish for The City 2.0 will be revealed, and you’ll hear great speakers on the subject of cities and inspiring music. The webcast of this session will be free to the world on February 29, 2012, at 5pm PST (1am GMT). It will be viewable here. No login or password will be required. We’ll be reminding again, closer to the date.