ESPN+ to get more expensive next month, but Hulu and Disney+ bundle will remain unchanged

Disney is ready to increase the price of its ESPN+ premium subscription for both monthly and yearly customers. The monthly plan is going up by $1 with the yearly option increasing $10.

ESPN+ first launched back in 2018 with a monthly price of $4.99 for live sports streaming, original shows, and more. That rate has only increased once over the last few years to its current price of $5.99/month with a yearly plan at $59.99 ($12 savings).

Shared by Walter Bloomberg on Twitter this afternoon, Disney is planning to raise the price of the monthly plan to $6.99/month and the yearly will bump to $69.99 come August 13.

Making the bundles a bit more attractive, the $14/month and up Disney+/ESPN+/Hulu subscription won’t see an increase, and the UFC pay-per-view events will also not see a bump.

If you know you want a yearly subscription (and not the bundle), it would make sense to grab the $60 12-month subscription before the price jumps to $70 in August.

The ESPN+ price increase comes after individual Disney+ plans got a $1 price increase back in March.