Happy birthday, TED Conversations

One year ago today, we launched our platform for long-form conversations: TED Conversations.

Since that time the TED Conversation community has held 6,435 Conversations, on topics such as:

How can computer models help us build intuition?

Where do you use math in your profession?

Can we ever know how another person “senses” the world?

And about educationphilosophytechnology … and hundreds more.

Including 40 Live Conversations with TED and TEDx speakers and TED Fellows. (The Live Conversation phenomenon started with Hans Rosling and his first live conversation.)

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Most recently, check out the TEDinClass initiative, as TED Fellow Nina Tandon uses TED Conversations in her college classrooms to open class discussion to the wider world.

We’d like to say a special thanks to our volunteer hosts and moderators, who’ve done so much to support the platform and the community.

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