Inside Out photos from around the world

Celebrating the women of the South Bronx.

In the five months since JR made his wish at TED 2011, the global response has been spectacular. We’ve seen photos cover the world’s walls, bridges, streets and windows from Montevideo to the Bronx, from Cape Town to Karachi. People are standing up against violence and homophobia, standing for immigrant rights and the stories of the homeless.

Showing another side of novice monks in Chiang Mai.

These actions reveal the deepness and vulnerability of communities globally. They provide an outlet for the underlying yearning for connection of participants. This work is impacting lives and bringing people closer together. And we’re just getting started.

Interested in getting involved?

+ Organize a group action in your community. Read these guidelines, then contact the Inside Out Project team at
+ Share the project. Join Inside Out on Facebook and ask your network to do the same.
+ Watch video on the Inside Out Project YouTube Channel.

Preserving the culture of the Lakota Nation in North Dakota.

— Casson Rosenblatt