Instagram and Facebook officially launch ability to hide like counts, heres how it works

After testing various forms of the feature going back to 2019, Instagram and Facebook have officially launched the option to hide like counts today. The functionally comes with control to hide others’ like counts as well as your own.

Instagram and Facebook shared the news in a pair of blog posts today and on social media. The new options for hiding like counts appear to be server-side changes as we’re seeing the new options on Instagram without updating the iOS app.

For Instagram, there is a universal toggle to turn off like counts for others as well as the ability to hide your like counts for your own posts.

For Facebook, the company says the two features will be arriving in “the next few weeks.” Both will keep the option to leave like and view counts on as they have been.

How to hide like counts on Instagram and Facebook


You may see a new prompt taking you right to the new settings, but if not:

  • In Instagram, head to your profile > three-line icon (top right corner)
  • Settings > Privacy
  • Posts > Hide Like and View Counts

To hide the like count for your own posts on a per-post basis:

  • Tap the three-dot icon on a post > choose Hide Like Count

You can also hide the like and view counts for your posts:

  • Just before you share a new post (the last screen that includes “Write a caption,” “Tag People,” “Add Location,” and more…
  • Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen
  • At the top, choose Hide Like and View Counts on on This Post


On Facebook, the feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks, but here are the steps (via The Verge):

  • Tap the three-line icon in the bottom right corner
  • Swipe down and choose Settings & Privacy > Settings
  • Swipe down (near the bottom) to News Feed Settings
  • Choose Reaction Counts
  • Now you’ll be able to toggle off reactions for others’ posts as well as your own
  • The option to hide reactions on a per-post basis will likely be found by tapping the three-dot icon on a post

Facebook/Instagram note a commitment to getting more feedback from users and will “continue working on new ways to give people more choice.”

We’re also funding more external research about people’s experiences on Instagram, and how we can improve our policies and products to support our community. We’re currently requesting research proposals from global academics and non-profits. If you’re interested you can find more information here on how to submit.

Changing the way people view like counts is a big shift. We’ll continue working on new ways to give people more choice, so they feel good about the time they spend on our apps.