Is NVIDIA GeForce NOW the future of gaming on Mac iOS? Video

Macs aren’t normally known to be great gaming devices. But NVIDIA GeForce NOW may be the best solution for those who want to play high quality games while retaining the MacOS experience. But GeForce NOW doesn’t only work with Mac. You can also access and utilize GeForce NOW on your iPhone or iPad. Allowing you to stream high quality AAA titles anywhere you’ve got a solid internet connection.

How it Works

GeForce NOW is powered by NVIDIA’s best-in-class graphics cards and technology. NVIDIA’s taken the power of its already industry-leading GPUs and created a package that allows you to stream games anywhere.

Some people understandably don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a gaming console or PC. And that’s what makes GeForce NOW a great alternative for gamers. The service provides access to 800+ of the top PC titles and 80+ free-to-play titles. So you should have no shortage of games to get into.

Advantages of Cloud Gaming

For those of you who’ve already purchased certain titles on Steam or other stores, you can simply log-in with your credentials for that store. And you’ll be able to access and stream the title without any additional purchases required. And because the games are cloud based, you don’t have to worry about downloading drivers and install packages.

With the introduction of Apple M1, the Mac is moving to a custom ARM-based architecture which provides all kinds of benefits. Improved software optimization, battery life and general performance are some of the many benefits of M1. But with this change, there’s now a lack of compatibility with certain Mac supported games. But because GeForce NOW is cloud-based, that issue is removed entirely. 

Another advantage you’ve got with GeForce NOW is the ability to cloud save. When playing a title at home on your iPad or Mac, you can exit without going through any extensive data saving procedure. And then you you can pick up right where you left off when you leave the house.

Priority Membership Benefits

GeForce NOW is free to join, but you can take things even further. NVIDIA offers an upgraded priority membership which will give you access to some exclusive features. This includes faster access to servers, extended gameplay sessions, and advanced graphics features. An upgraded membership can also get you access to ray-tracing and DLSS, which is only available on some of the latest and highest-end NVIDIA GPUs

9to5Mac’s Take

Overall GeForce NOW is a great service for Apple users who are trying to get into the gaming scene while maintaining the Apple experience they desire. And for gamers who want to experience high quality titles across all of their smart devices. Be sure to sign up for GeForce NOW if you’re interested!