Jackson Browne If I Could Be Anywhere a song for Mission Blue

A year ago this week, Mission Blue Voyage set sail. This TED Prize-inspired trip brought together scientists, activists and funders around one of the biggest issues we face: how to stop the degradation of the ocean. Read Chris Anderson’s report on what was accomplished onboard >>

Sylvia Earle, when making her TED Prize wish, asked us to use all means at our disposal to spread the word. Jackson Browne, onboard the National Geographic Endeavor, began writing this song. And he finished in time for TEDxGreatPacificGarnage Patch, a November conference that focused on plastic pollution in the oceans and on land (watch Van Jones’ talk from TEDxGPGP).

On the anniversary of Mission Blue Voyage, we’re thrilled to present this beautiful song from Jackson Browne.

At TEDxGPGP, Jackson Browne plays “If I Could Be Anywhere,” a song he started writing last April aboard Mission Blue Voyage, the Sylvia Earle-inspired trip to brainstorm ways to save the endangered ocean. “If I could be anywhere,” he sings, “anywhere right now, I would be here.” (Recorded at TEDxGPGP, November 2010, in Sante Monica, CA. Duration: 4:09)

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