Kensington unveils new ‘StudioCaddy modular charger for your Apple devices

Popular accessory maker Kensington is out with a new all-in-one charging solution for Apple fans today. The new StudioCaddy from Kensington features integrated Qi wireless charging support and is designed to maximize desk space while keeping all of your devices charged and organized.

The StudioCaddy features a modular design with an emphasis on giving you places to store and charge your MacBook, iPad, iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch. The animation in the video below shows how the modular design works, with the dual Qi charging surface magnetically attaching to the stand.

The StudioCaddy includes an upright Qi charging stand for your iPhone, as well as Qi charging pad for AirPods or other devices. There are two separate slots, one designed to hold your MacBook and another for your MacBook. On the side of the StudioCaddy is one USB-A port and one USB-C port, the latter of which can supply up to 20W of power according to The Verge.

Kensington has more details:

  • Organizes the Entire Apple Ecosystem – Designed exclusively for Apple, StudioCaddy enables users to store and charge their MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and AirPods in a single location in the attractive, space-saving stand.
  • Dual Qi Charger – The integrated dual Qi charger works with any Qi-enabled iPhone and also charges AirPods. The charger module magnetically attaches to the MacBook/iPad stand to minimize the storage footprint, but can be detached for added flexibility.
  • USB Ports Add Charging Options – USB-A and USB-C ports provide added charging options to support additional iPad, iPhone, AirPods, or AppleWatch (charging cables not included).
  • Storage for MacBook and iPad – The space-saving stand cradles the MacBook in a vertical (closed) position. The iPad holder allows for viewing and story of iPad or iPad Pro in landscape or portrait orientations.

To recap, the StudioCaddy features integrated Qi chargers for your iPhone and AirPods, a USB-A port that can be used to power an Apple Watch charger, and a USB-C port that can power an iPad. You’ll need to plug your MacBook in separately, but StudioCaddy does feature a slot for storing it.

The StudioCaddy is available to order today for $179.99. If you’re in the market for a multi-device charger, be sure to check out our full roundup with more options from companies like Satechi, Mophie, and ElevationLab.