MLB app not working on Apple TV? Its not just you

MLB.TV rolled out a new Apple TV app last week that everyone seems to hate, and the latest issue just adds salt to the wounds. On the Memorial Day holiday, the app is angering baseball fans as the stream is simply not working at all.

The MLB.TV app has quickly gone from one of the best apps on tvOS to one of the worst. And today’s issues are certainly not helping its reputation.

Instead of gameplay, users are presented with a static frame and a loading spinner that never goes away. Naturally, angry users are taking to social media to air their complaints.

Unfortunately, there is no official acknowledgement of the issues at time of publishing, nor any idea whether the problem will be fixed in time to see any of today’s games. There also appears to be no workaround to getting the MLB app to work again on the Apple TV. As such, people are resorting to watching on other devices.