More quotes from the Charter for Compassion launch


From religious scholar Karen Anderson, whose 2008 TED Prize wish formed the seed of the Charter for Compassion:

“The Golden Rule requires you, in a disciplined way, to discover what gives you pain and refuse to do that to others.”

“At a time when religions are seen at loggerheads, the Charter is a cooperative exercise.”

“The launch is the beginning of a voyage. We have a lot of work to do – environment, financial crisis, war.”

“The Charter is a call to action, and now we’ve got to work.”

From Chris Anderson, curator of TED:

“The wish that Karen came up with took our breath away.”

“No one here thinks this will make the world’s problems go away. We’re planting a seed we hope will grow.”

“This is not a soft, sappy, kumbaya moment. This is the culmination of a dream to nudge the world to a better place.”

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Photo: Hanging the Charter for Compassion plaque at the Immaculate Conception Chapel, Culion, Palawan, Philippines