Nanoleafs new HomeKit light panels blend tech and nature

Nanoleaf debuted its Shapes HomeKit smart light panels last May starting with Hexagons before the Triangles and Mini Triangles arrived. Now the Shapes Hexagons are gaining a new nature-inspired option with the Elements Wood Look finish.

We previously tested out the Nanoleaf Shapes smart light panels and found them to be fun and flexible. While the original Hexagon smart lights offer access to about all the colors you can imagine, some might prefer a more simple and elegant aesthetic that better complements the decor of their home.

Here’s how the company describes the new wood look finish:

Made to look beautiful on or off, each Elements panel features a unique wood grain-like texture inspired by nature. The panel’s balanced neutral color and ultra-thin panel design allows the lights to seamlessly fit in with your home’s decor. Even when powered off, Elements is a standalone piece of artwork that adds elegance to your home.

Arriving with the Elements Wood Look Hexagons is a new corner control tech that enables natural motion that can resemble a fire or “gently moving clouds.”

Nanoleaf’s innovative, new corner control technology enables each apex on the panel to light up independently, creating surreal organic motions resembling embers in a fireplace, or gently moving clouds on a sunny day. Control each corner of the Hexagons to maximize customizations of Scenes – paint each corner a specific color temperature or choose to turn one off to create truly dynamic lighting effects. Each panel also glows from the back for a double-lit effect, allowing your panels to truly come alive for an all-encompassing lighting experience in your space.

Nanoleaf CEO Gimmy Chu shared more on the idea behind bringing natural experiences indoors:

“Our goal is to break the barrier between technology and design. With Nanoleaf Elements, we want to bring the best parts of the natural elements indoors, creating those comforting experiences we all crave as human beings, all without sacrificing cutting-edge technology” states Gimmy Chu, CEO and Co- Founder of Nanoleaf. “Most smart products have been made to only focus on functionality and not how it fits into a home. We’re here to change that. We believe that a smart home can be innovative, forward-thinking and also welcome you warmly into a space.”

The new Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons are available in a Smarter Kit that includes 7 light panels for $299.99 as well as an Expansion Pack that comes with 3 for $99.99. Along with HomeKit support, Nanoleaf Elements include Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings integration.

The new Elements Hexagons are available to order now direct from Nanoleaf, coming to Best Buy later this month, as well as Apple’s online store later this year.