Netatmo Weather Station adds iOS 14 widgets for monitoring local weather on your home screen

I purchased the Netatmo Weather Station a few weeks back, and it’s been a great addition to my HomeKit environment. As I mentioned in my HomeKit Weekly article, I love being able to track hyper-local temperature, rain, and humidity. Today, Netatmo has shipped an update to its iOS app that adds iOS 14 widgets so you can monitor your local weather from your home screen.

In the new update, Netatmo offers multiple options for viewing data from your weather station from your Home Screen. Included widget options are tracking the temperature from your indoor module in small or medium options, tracking the temperature from your outdoor module in small or medium options, a large outdoor module with a forecast, rain gauge information, and data from your anemometer.

Adding this information to your iOS home screen will keep you up to date on the weather outside your home and the temperature inside your home as well. If you aren’t familiar with the Netatmo Weather Station, I highly recommend it. It offers many benefits for HomeKit as you can track the indoor and outdoor temperature and use that data to trigger other automation. The rain gauge is my favorite accessory, though. While it’s not exposed in HomeKit, it does shop up in the Home app with a not-supported label.

Check out my full review for more information.