New on TED Books Graham Hills Weekday Vegetarian

A vegetarian diet can markedly improve your health and fitness, but what if you still love munching into a juicy burger every now and again? Graham Hill has a powerful and simple solution: Become a weekday vegetarian. Don’t eat meat Monday through Friday. During the weekends, you’re back to being a carnivore.

Hill, who founded the eco-blog, has expanded the popular short talk he gave at TED2010 into a potentially life-changing digital book that explores the personal, economic and societal benefits of moving meat out of your diet. Don’t fear that vegetarian dishes all taste like sawdust. Hill includes 20 great-tasting veggie recipes to get you started.

Weekday Vegetarian is part of theĀ TED Books series, which is available for the Kindle and all platforms that use Kindle Reader apps.

Update: Now available on Apple’s iBooks platform too!