New Siri Remote support comes to Mac for presentations, media, more with Remote Buddy

The all-new Siri Remote that launched with the second-gen Apple TV 4K has been a hit. And with the refreshed design that features a 5-way trackpad/clickpad, the remote could be handy for more than just Apple TV. A new update for the app Remote Buddy does just that, bringing Siri Remote support to the Mac.

Remote Buddy offers the ability to use a wide range of external remotes with macOS and the new Siri Remote is the latest to gain support. From Keynote, Music, Safari, and most of Apple’s other first-party apps to a wide range of third-party software, Remote Buddy offers support for over 100 apps. It also works with YouTube, Netflix, and more in browsers.

Remote Buddy 2.0 is available now with a big list of added features alongside the new Siri Remote support. There are three modes you can use the Siri Remote:

Siri Remotes paired to your Mac can be used with Remote Buddy 2. Press the Voice button to switch between the three different touchpad modes:

Use the touchpad of the Siri Remote as a trackpad for your Mac. Scroll by running your finger along the D-pad ring (2nd generation Siri Remote) or a two finger gesture (1st generation Siri Remote). With integrated automatic Mousespot spotlight effect.

Remote control
Use the D-pad (2nd generation Siri Remote) – or one of two modes translating clicks and/or swipes (1st generation Siri Remote) – to send up, down, left, right and Select button presses to apps, in addition to the dedicated buttons on the remote.

Virtual Keyboard
A long press on the Voice button brings up the Virtual Keyboard and allows you to type text using the touchpad. Press the Voice button shortly to return to the previous mode.

You can find an overview with images here. For more details on the system requirements and supported Siri Remote models, please see this page.

Remote Buddy offers a free 30-day trial and runs $25 as a one-time purchase after that. Check out the new Siri Remote support for Mac in the video below: