Nomad debuts new iPhone 12 leather MagSafe cases with Moment lens support

Today, Nomad is expanding its collection of iPhone 12 cases by bringing MagSafe to yet another one of its offerings. As the latest in its continued partnership with photography brand Moment, the new MagSafe Rugged cases pair the usual leather stylings with support for a variety of interchangeable lens attachments to elevate your iPhoneography setup. Head below for all of the details.

Nomad expands MagSafe case lineup with Moment lens support

After bringing MagSafe to the rest of its iPhone case collection earlier in the year, Nomad is back today to finish the rollout. Bringing support for Apple’s magnetic charging standard to yet another series of its covers, the Rugged iPhone 12 Case with support for Moment lenses is now being imbued with MagSafe.

Similar to the standard Rugged Case, the Moment edition arrives in partnership with Nomad to deliver all of the same drop protection and leather accenting but with some added features. Moment is still one of the biggest names in the game of iPhoneography, and its lineup of interchangeable lenses lets you take your mobile shooting rig to the next level.

Nomad MagSafe Moment case

Built into the back of the new Nomad case is support for those photography accessories, letting you click in various lenses without having to change the cover on your iPhone 12. The camera guard is redesigned to accommodate the Moment integration, but that won’t get in the way of letting you capture shots without any of the lens attached.

Everything else remains the same on the new Nomad Rugged iPhone 12 Case. There’s still a Horween leather build that’s fused to the more durable inner case that lets this offering live up to its name. It can protect your handset from 10-foot drops thanks to the TPU bumper, which also keeps your screen scratch-free when laid on a table. And of course, now the addition of MagSafe, which allows you to dock on any of the magnetic charging stations out there or attach one of Apple’s wallet accessories.

Nomad MagSafe Moment case

Nomad’s latest is now available

Clocking in at $59.95, the new Nomad Rugged iPhone 12 Case for Moment lens with MagSafe is now available for purchase. It enters in three different form factors to handle just about all of Apple’s latest handsets, including iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. Those rocking the smallest version, the iPhone 12 mini, won’t be able to get in the improved photography action. There are also two different styles to choose from including Black or Rustic Brown depending on which type of leather you’d like.

Considering the pricing is exactly the same as the standard Rugged Case from Nomad, it’s nice to see that the addition of Moment lens support on top of MagSafe won’t run you any extra.

9to5Toys‘ take

Nomad’s collection of Rugged cases has been popular for quite a while, and now with another option for iPhone 12 users, the added diversity is sure to be appreciated. Given how indispensable MagSafe has been for me, it’s great to see that you can finally pair Moment’s lenses with all of the other MagSafe-enabled photography accessories from the brand, not to mention just benefiting from the magnetic wireless charging standard on its own.