Official Ted Lasso merch coming in a few weeks, but youll have to wait longer to buy Richmond jerseys

Ted Lasso was Apple TV+‘s breakout hit of 2020. Fans of the show have been anxiously waiting for the second season premiere on July 23rd. However, people have also been wanting Apple to release show merch almost as soon as the last season ended. In its absence, unofficial Ted Lasso merch has flooded the likes of Amazon and Etsy.

However, Ted Lasso fans shouldn’t have to wait much longer to be able to get their hands on something official …

On the podcast ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’ Ted Lasso show-runner Bill Lawrence said that an official trailer for season two of the show is coming in about three weeks.

He also said that the first merch items (‘initial stuff’) will go on sale at the same time later this month. However, if you have been holding out to get your hand on a Richmond jersey, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Lawrence said Premier League official name kits will come out in September, which will be in the middle of the season two run.

The length delay from the series debut last year to merchandise coming out is partly due to the fact that no one had expected Ted Lasso to become as much as a phenomenon as it has done so. It is easily Apple’s most popular show and the @TedLasso Twitter account personality has racked up more than 200,000 followers. Getting merch organized is also complicated by legal matters like getting trademark clearance, as the rights to Ted Lasso are shared amongst NBC (who ran the original promotional spots), Warner Bros, and Apple.

However, it looks like viewers will be able to own at least something Ted Lasso official in time for the release of the second season premiere. Then, kits will be released just in time for the season finale. Ted Lasso is currently believed to run for three seasons in total.

It’s currently unclear how the Ted Lasso merch will be made available. Will you be able to buy a Ted Lasso mug from the Apple Store?