Setapp adds new ‘work from home collection of the best Mac apps

Setapp has been dubbed the Netflix of Mac apps with its ever-growing library of apps that can be accessed for a low monthly free. Today, it’s debuting a new “remote work” app collection with Yac.

Remote work has driven an increasing demand for productivity solutions. The global productivity software market size is expected to reach an incredible $99.2 billion by 2026,” said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of Setapp. “We were delighted to learn the Yac team used Setapp to help them stay productive while working entirely remotely on their platform. Today, we’re excited to collaborate on a joint solution that will help remote teams everywhere to enhance their productivity and get work done successfully.

With thousands of apps available today, the search for the right solution could be overwhelming for users. Setapp’s mission is to help users think of tasks they want to accomplish rather than worry about having to search for apps,” — says Nikolay Savin, Lead Product Manager at Setapp. Our collaboration with Yac and the launch of Collections is a crucial step towards fulfilling tha mission.”

Setapp’s new “remote work” collection includes Newton, Bartender, Meeter, Paste, Filepane, Be Focused, ToothFairy, BetterZip, Gifox, Yoink, Ohtipi, Serenity, Backtrack, Sip, and Yac. Serenity, Backtrack, Sip, and Yac are making their debut on Setapp for the first time.

Setapp collections are pre-made sets of apps created to help customers complete a specific task or solve a problem, such as fix common macOS problems, browse the internet securely, get organized, and more. All apps in Collections are selected by a curation team from the Setapp library. They are full-featured pro versions and all future updates are free with a Setapp subscription. There are currently 16 Collections available in Setapp.