Some iPhone users report excess battery drain on iOS 14.6 – are you affected?

iOS 14.6 launched last week with Apple Card Family feature, AirTag improvements, and more. But since then, some users have started to report battery drain on their iPhones. Are you affected by this?

On the Apple Support Community there are several members discussing this issue. For the 9to5Mac team, we haven’t noticed any major differences between iOS 14.6 and previous iOS updates. On the Support Community forum, on the other hand, one member wrote:

I have the same issue with my iPhone 11. I upgraded the other day and I have woken up every morning to find it fully drained. Yesterday I turned off WiFi, Bluetooth, all background app refresh, and ensured that Personal Hotspot was off. It was fully charged at 6 pm last night and not used. It ran out of battery at around 10 am this morning (so, around 16 hours later) with no use in the meantime.

Another one said (via MacRumors):

Yesterday, i updated my iPhone 12 Pro to iOS 14.6. And now think the battery reduces faster than the iOS before.”

On Twitter, you can find a number users complaining about battery drain in iOS 14.6

This comes after iOS 14.5 added a new battery calibration feature for iPhone 11 users. This feature is said to help users see how their iPhone battery over is aging time.

As for now, Apple has not acknowledged the battery drain issues affecting some iPhone users with iOS 14.6. Currently, the company is in the early days of testing iOS 14.7, but it’s possible an iOS 14.6.1 update is also released soon. Usually, when updating to a new iOS causes this kind of problem, it’s recommended to erase the phone and make a fresh update.

Are you affect by excess battery drain on iOS 14.6? What iPhone model are you using? Tell us in the comments section below.