Sunday Watch TEDxEarthquake9.0 live

TEDxEarthquake9.0, April 10, 2011

An extraordinary group-curated TEDx event is coming together around the tragic events in Japan in the past month: TEDxEarthquake9.0. From the site:

A comprehensive journey from Japan’s resilience and history of overcoming past disaster to the challenges the nation faces today — passing by the actual response and relief efforts in the field. Join us and be part of the future of Japan and the world’s response. Through five inspiring hours of short talks, speakers from all over Japan will share their experiences overcoming disaster, the extension of the disaster, their successful disruptive initiatives for disaster relief and response and the recovery, rebuilding and shaping the future of Japan.

You can watch TEDxEarthquake9.0 via livestream, in both Japanese and English, on Sunday, April 10, 1-6pm Japan Standard Time (GMT +9 hours) at