TEDxWomen A truly global conversation

On December 1st, TEDxWomen will take place at the Paley Centers in both New York and LA.

Simultaneously, over 110 TEDxWomen events will be hosted by TEDx event Organizers in communities all around the world, including China, The Netherlands, Israel, Pakistan, Romania, South Africa, Lebanon and the United States. Besides watching the webcast of TEDxWomen, some of these events will incorporate local speakers, bringing local flavor to the global conversation:

TEDxBFUWomen — an event in Beijing, China — will host outstanding female speakers that include professors of biology and business, as well as student leaders.

In its second year after hosting an event around TEDWomen, TEDxAmsterdamWomen — held at the Van Gogh Museum — will highlight Dutch thinkers and doers.

At TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen in Denver, Colorado, will feature local women and their amazing stories.

TEDxDirahWomen in Saudi Arabia will feature women speakers from the region including a biologist and a library director.

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