The Buzz Anil Gupta finds innovation by the poor, for the poor


As the founder of the Honeybee Network, Anil Gupta and his team search the world for low-cost innovations created out of the necessities of poverty. Today, at TEDIndia, he energizes the audience by animatedly explaining his creative model and showing the amazing inventions they’ve come across. His enthusiasm was infectious and it shows in these reactions:

Very excited for Anil Gupta’s talk. He’s done amazing things with the Honey Bee Network ( — vercheesey

“The minds on the margin are not marginal minds.” – Anil Gupta of the Honeybee Network — annekejong

Anil Gupta destroys Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, were sufi saints of India rich? The poorest cld crave self-realization. — seeb

Anil Gupta – more optimism – cooker for coffee – wow! Mistry take notice — Udindex

Anil Gupta at TEDIndia: Scalability shouldn’t be the enemy of sustainabilityinfosys

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the world” -Innovation Advocate Anil Gupta. His work is amazing! #TEDIndia — leighleighsf

This man deserves more than just a standing innovation – truly awesome, immensely inspiring !! Anil Gupta at TEDIndia —pkgulati

Photo: TED / James Duncan Davidson