The Buzz Hans Rosling on the rise of Asia

Hans Rosling kicked off the first session of TEDIndia speaking about Asia’s past and future life expectancy and per capita income. Using his trademark GapMinder bubble graph, he projects India and China will catch up to the US in 2048 … on July 27th, to be exact. The Twitter and Facebook audiences were impressed:

Hans Rosling at TEDIndia. Very interesting chart shows how income and life health in India, China, USA changed over decades. — shantanughosh

Hans Rosling is the bestest. Sexy, sexy stats.digitalkulcha

Even after watching 4 talks by Hans Rosling earlier, still love his GapMinder charts and lively, witty speaking style 🙂rbx

Hans Rosling at #TEDIndia: Inequalities in India and China present the biggest challenge to growth. Social investments are needed. — infosys

Hans Rosling at #tedindia : Income/person and life expectancy in India will catch up with that of the USA in 2048.shantanughosh

Hans Rosling gets a standing ovation!TEDxShekhawati