The Buzz His Holiness the Karmapa on heartcentered design


His Holiness the Karmapa, a spiritual Buddhist leader, proposes that the worldwide acceleration of technological connectivity should be accompanied by increased heart-to-heart connections. Check out some reactions from Twitter:

His Holiness the Karmapa speaking his story of being “found” at 7 as the next Karmapa. He expected more toys, less responsibilities! — TEDxATX

Important for us to remember that we should focus on design and technology of the heart – Karmapa — TEDxShekhawati

We should allow the information that we have to really make a change in our heart– HH the karmapa — ShalG

No better way to end the @TEDIndia than have His Holiness the Karmapa on stage of #TEDindia amazing! — FollowSamir

A big applause for Karmapa. What a beautiful talk 🙂 — shweta88