Thomas Dolbys new EP, Oceanea, drops today

TED’s musical director, Thomas Dolby, releases his new EP Oceanea today, a preview to his upcoming full-length A Map of the Floating City — set to be his first studio record in two decades. You can download Oceanea on iTunes or from Thomas’ website (where you can also read about the EP’s production). Metro calls it “an expansive, emotional work,” and the title track features the gorgeous voice of TEDtalks star Eddi Reader. At Drowned in Sound, David Edwards writes:

The composite sound of the tracks is beautiful: he knows and cares for sound. And though it’s all very laid back, you somehow suspect that’s the way Dolby wants it.

UPDATE: The song “Oceanea” will be Amazon’s Free Song of the Day this Sunday, April 10. Hop on and download!