Tom Morello shreds at TEDActive

[vimeo w=525&h=294]

  • New video from TEDActive’s Desert Party: On the final evening of TEDActive, the all-star house band Dinah Shore Jr. welcomed the Nightwatchman — guitar legend Tom Morello, ex of Rage Against the Machine. He jumped onstage with Wendy Melvoin (of Wendy & Lisa, and Prince’s longtime bandmate), Annie Clark (of St. Vincent) and Jill Sobule, TEDActive’s muse, and peeled off this 2-minute solo in the middle of “The Ghost of Tom Joad” … One viewer has already commented: “That was so spiritual, I feel like I just made up for all the missed Sunday Masses in my life.”

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    Credits: The TEDActive 2011 House Band, Dinah Shore Jr., is Jill Sobule (here, on banjo), Wendy Melvoin (bass), Annie Clark (guitar), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (violin), Josh Boardman (guitar) and Aaron Sterling (drums), joined tonight by Tom Morello.
    And thanks, Jesse Fagan, for correction on the song title.