Tuesday TEDx playlist Four big ideas

Hundreds of talks from independently organized TEDx events around the world are published on the TEDxTalks website daily.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll choose four of our favorites, highlighting just a few of the enlightening talks from TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Browse all TEDxTalks here ยป

By analyzing the content of 15 millions books digitized by Google, Erez Lieberman Aiden & Jean-Baptiste Michel discover cultural trends related to the evolution of grammar, censorship and epidemiology.


At TEDxTokyo, Akinori Ito shows off his “magic” liquid that turns plastic trash into usable energy.


TEDxTraverseCity’s Ellen Gustafson wants to help change the global food system by re-framing the global food crisis and linking the obesity epidemic with famine.


And Taylor Conroy teaches TEDxJuanDeFuca the key ingredients for starting a successful charity drive.


Source: blog.ted.com