Twitter is now working on Super Follower count display

Twitter announced its Super Follow paid service in February. Ever since then, the company has unveiled several new features that are coming to the social network. Now, researcher Jane Manchun Wong found that Twitter is working on a Super Follower count display.

Last week, the company teased it was going to revamp the user’s profile page, and with Wong’s finding, we have a better preview of what may be coming soon.

According to her, the Super Follow button can appear in two different designs: as a small circular button or a big Super Follow one. With this new profile page, Twitter will also show a cash button for tipping, which is already a function Twitter is slowly rolling out: Tip Jar.

As revealed by Wong, Twitter is also making its color scheme more monochrome and is also using its new “Chirp” font.

In March, the company revealed that its Super Follow feature will be available as an in-app purchase on the iOS app, so it will give a 30% cut to Apple. To the Verge, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter head of consumer products, addressed this:

The way I would think of this in the context of Super Follows where we’re building this layer that didn’t exist before — even if that $10 comes down to $7 because of a 30% fee, that’s still $7 more than you’ve been able to make on Twitter than before. So don’t get me wrong, I would love for that to be $9 instead of $7, but at the end of the day, that’s not something that we have direct influence over on one platform. So it’s not a focus for us right now.

Apart from the Super Follow button, Twitter is working on several paid features. For example, Twitter Blue is the name of the upcoming subscription service on the platform that may have different tiers. Users can tip creators through Tip Jar, and the company announced Ticketed Spaces for its Clubhouse competitor that launched in April.

As for now, we still don’t know when Super Follower will be released, but it appears to be rather sooner than later.