Twitter presents great taglines for Eli Parisers talk

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  • Eli Pariser’s TEDTalk “Beware online ‘filter bubbles’” is surprising, funny and a little bit scary. And as a side benefit, we noticed that people who share this talk have been coming up with some pretty great taglines before they RT the link. Excerpted samples below:

    @fbliss: Don’t be a rat in an information maze:

    @keysinthecloud Watch this if you thought you were paying attention:

    @davebarbush Wake up and smell the algorithms:

    @arpik Recommended for people living online …

    @nickieprice Google & Facebook take note: I don’t want no stinkin’ filter bubble!

    @Alliant_Library An interesting piece on why algorithms should not be curators of the world:

    @JoostvandeLoo We are blinded by filter algorithms designed by clueless designers

    @robertsck01 … makes me wonder what I should be doing to break outside my bubble –

    @benintheory Info dystopia now, w/hope for redemption.

    @tuffstudio Why we are going back to web 1.0:

    @raoulteeuwen @Google : Can you please add a ‘Unfiltered’ button? 

    @wisdom Or, “be careful what you ask for, it might just be ALL you get [online]”

    @mstinalee So we have food deserts (, cultural deserts (u know who u are), and now – Internet deserts …

    Seen another good one? Written another good one? Hit the comments below …