Twitter working on bringing support for speaking in Spaces to the web

In May, Twitter added support for users to join Spaces via the web app. Now, the team behind this feature is working on letting people speak via the web app as well.

According to developer Nima Owji, who recently showed Twitter is also readying its iMessage-like reactions button to the platform, the company is working on the ability to let users join a conversation via the web app.

As for now, users can only speak in a Spaces room if they are on the iOS or Android apps of Twitter. Although Owji was able to show how this feature is going to work, he said not everything is completely ready as the reaction button is not currently working.

Twitter Spaces was formally launched for anyone with at least 600 followers by the beginning of May, after months in a public beta.

The voice-chatting feature lets Twitter users create live rooms with up to 10 people speaking, and unlimited numbers can join to listen. With Spaces, Twitter expects to “pen conversations on the platform with the authenticity and nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring.”

Twitter also lets some US users create Ticketed Spaces, which means that for one to join the conversation, it needs to pay from $1 up to $999, which is a way the company found to help monetize its platform and bring more creators producing content specifically for Twitter.

In recent months, Twitter has been pushing hard to make its platform even more attractive to users. Recently, the company relaunched its verification program and is testing its subscription-plan Twitter Blue in a few countries as well.

Check out Owji’s tweet about the ability to speak on Spaces via the web app: