Unreleased AirTag loops and leather key rings likely revealed through eBay listing

After Apple introduced the AirTag last month, the Apple Store used an image that displayed an unreleased California poppy leather key ring. Unsurprisingly, Apple had explored other colors for AirTag accessories. Today, we’ve got a first look at a few other unreleased AirTag accessory colors through an eBay listing.

Apple’s AirTag loop is currently available in four colors: electric orange, sunflower, deep navy, and white. A new eBay listing reveals that Apple had also planned, at some point, pink and surf blue versions of the AirTag loop. You can buy the pink and surf blue versions of the AirTag loop for $29. They ship from China.

The eBay seller, “chargerstore” has been known to offer genuine Apple prototype accessories in the past, so we are fairly confident in the validity of these accessories. Online stores are full of fake Apple accessories, so it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt.

This same listing also gives us a better look at the California poppy leather key ring that briefly appeared on the Apple Store. Like the other leather key ring colors, Apple had also planned to offer a matching California poppy leather loop for AirTag.

The California poppy leather loop is available for $39 and also ships from China. The seller has sold out of the California poppy leather key ring.

It’s unclear if we’ll see these colors in the future, but I find it unlikely. Apple’s colors are seasonal, and shades like surf blue have been discontinued on other accessories. We know that Apple had been ready to ship AirTags for quite a while, so it’s very possible that the company had created different sets of colors that matched last year’s seasonal accessories.

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Source: 9to5mac.com