Weather Strip iPhone and iPad app debuts with unique weeklong hourly timeline view

A new weather app is out today for US users with an interesting take on visualizing NOAA forecasts. Weather Strip uses a week-long hourly timeline view to show everything going on with the weather in a single horizontal graph. That means you can see the chance of sun, clouds, and rain, temperature, extreme weather warnings, UV, and even the likelihood of rainbows in a single view.

Other weather apps include extended hourly forecast views but Weather Strip goes all-in on the design. Here’s how developer Math Easel describes the new app:

Weather Strip’s groundbreaking week-long hourly view shows you the whole forecast at a glance, so you can more quickly choose the best times to go outside — or check on likely weather for upcoming events and outings.

The top of the app features the date, time, temperature, humidity, and wind with the main focus being the week-long hourly timeline graph in the middle of the screen.

Here’s a closer look at how all that data is visualized.

Weather Strip app for iPhone and iPad

As for the rainbow alerts, Weather Strip says the app “displays a rainbow across any time period where our proprietary algorithm determines there is a reasonably high chance that rainbows may be visible in the sky.”

And here’s what winter forecasts look like with “feels like” temp, wind, a weather advisory, as well as the extended view:

Weather Strip app for iPhone and iPad - cold forecast

To check out the weather in different locations, Weather Strip uses a map view where you can drop a marker.

Weather Strip - map view

Privacy is a strong point for Weather Strip, it has no ads, no tracking, and no third-party analytics. All location data is stored locally on your device and the app always uses your approximate location, not precise.

We also respect your data plan, with optional background app refresh that automatically learns your habits, and the ability to view your recent forecasts even when your connection drops.

Because Weather Strip uses NOAA for its data, the app is only available for those in the US at this point. But Math Easel wants to hear what other countries people would like to see the app become available.

Weather Strip for iPhone and iPad is available now from the App Store as a free download. $0.99/month or $3.99/year in-app subscriptions unlock unlimited forecasts.