What are the 4 types of Programming Language

What are the 4 types of Programming Language?

Programming is a great skill to have. With this ability, you will be better equipped to make the right hires for your business needs and get your point across when speaking with your engineers.

There are four basic programming languages and you need to learn them. Life will be better for you if you do.


Java is one of today’s most in-demand programming languages, which means it’s a favourite among all programmes. It’s also the lynchpin language when creating Android apps, making it even more popular.

Java is designed to be simple and straight, yet modern and functional. You can spend less time worrying about how to write your code, and more time thinking about content that will engage and captivate your target audience.

What most coders love about Java is its ease of use making it a favourite for those who want to complete fast-paced projects while focusing on what they’re best at – namely writing code.


Python is like a regal queen. She’s often acclaimed as being the easiest programming language to learn. Her simple, straightforward syntax makes it a natural introduction for new coders.

Also, her flexibility lends herself well to vast applications in the data science field today. In fact, one recent study has shown Python to be the most commonly taught programming language in schools.

Python’s rise in popularity is thanks to Google’s investment of more than $10 million in developing it over the past decade. Other applications built with Python include Pinterest and Instagram as well as WordStream.


JavaScript is an open-source language that’s supported by a variety of browsers and other platforms. It’s ubiquitous on the web–you’ll find JavaScript on almost all websites you visit! The JQuery library makes coding easier and speeds up the development process.

This programming language is often used in browsers, back-end servers, and many other places as well. However, this should not fool you into thinking that JavaScript can only be used for front-end development. In fact, some developers like to use it to develop back-end systems too.

JavaScript is a scripting language that became popular long before on the server-side in the CommonJS module loading system. It is part of browser engines and has been used in 3rd party applications as a method of dynamic or scripted websites using Ajax, Adobe Flash, or HTML 5.


PHP is a lightweight and super flexible language that can be embedded within HTML or used to create large, scalable, and incredibly dynamic website frameworks like WordPress, Facebook, and Squarespace.

PHP is capable of housing data-heavy sites but also facilitating script-driven applications like social media platforms. If you’re looking to build web pages or apps on the server side then this is definitely a language you’ll want to learn.


Programming is not as stiff as it seems. It is actually easy with the choice of a suitable language. The above-mentioned four programming languages will give you an added edge as a programmer. By learning these, you will be prepared to confidently jump into the practical life filled with fierce competition.