When setting up a Mac at work, Kandji Liftoff aims to create the perfect firstday experience

Kandji has taken the wraps off its latest addition to its Apple mobile device management platform. Kandji Liftoff was designed to create the perfect first-day experience when setting up a Mac at work. Using Kandji Liftoff, IT departments can automatically take an unboxed Mac and set it up with all the right apps, settings, and security controls in place before the user logs in for the first time.

Liftoff is an elegant, modern way to set up a new Mac. It was designed to make the initial experience that a user goes through when they first set up a new Mac something special, while automating as much as possible for the admin.

Adam Pettit, cofounder and CEO of Kandji

I got a firsthand look at Kandji Liftoff last week, and I was extremely impressed with how streamlined the macOS setup experience was for a new machine. One of the major weaknesses with many MDM solutions is that the user is often unaware of what’s happening during the setup process.

With Kandji Liftoff, IT departments can automate as much as possible to ensure that a new Mac is fully configured. All the required company settings, apps, and security controls are in place before the employee starts using the machine and reduces help desk tickets.

When a Mac is first enrolled into Kandji, a number of important settings are delivered, apps are installed, and security controls are configured. We wanted to provide a great experience for the end user and share information about everything that happens immediately after enrollment so they would know when their computer is ready to use.

Weldon Dodd, VP of Solutions at Kandji

One of the aspects of Kandji Liftoff I loved watching in action was the robust error handling and recovery for instances like low battery, loss of network access, or restart required.

IT admins can customize the success screen users see when their new Mac is configured and ready to use. They have a single place to go for all resources they might need, including Kandji Self Service, help links, online resources, and more.

Kandji Liftoff will be available in a few weeks for IT departments to begin implementing with their device rollout workflows.

Source: 9to5mac.com